The terrible discovery of a little boy who was killed and found in the box was not clarified even after 60 years


The boy in the box mentions the case of the still uncertain murder of a boy found in a forest in Pennsylvania. In addition to the fact that the investigators could not find the perpetrator of the crime, they could not even trace the identity of the murdered boy.

Although several theories have emerged over the years and tried to clarify the case, the kid's secret in the box remains unresolved after more than 60 years. The crime was also recorded as "Unknown Child of America" ​​in police records.

In the Ivy Hill cemetery in Philadelphia, there is a view of the gravestone, which has only "Unknown Child of America" ​​engraved instead of the name. The grave points to the child who was discovered in the box in 1957. The case of a boy in a box is one of the most serious crimes in Philadelphia and still leaves dozens of unanswered questions.

Boy in the Box / mystery case
The corpse in the box

It was 1957, when the young hunter drove to the park north of Philadelphia to check his traps. On the spot, however, in addition to his traps, he found a small carton that lay freely on the ground. When he opened it, it gave him a scary look.

In the box was the naked body of a little boy just wrapped in the blanket. Fearing that if he discovered the report, the police would confiscate his parachute trapped, the horrible discovery in the box ignored and continued in love.

It was reported a few days later by a student, who moved near the crime scene when he noticed a small rabbit around him. Being aware of the traps implanted, he wanted to make sure the animal was fine and did not get one. But when the rabbit searched, he found a box with a decomposing body. Although he was also concerned about interactions with the police, he finally reported to the appropriate authorities.

Boy in the Box / mystery case

Given that the boy was young, aged three to seven years, as determined by visiting doctors, the police hoped to be quickly identified. However, once they saw their bodies, their hopes faded. The boy's own body clearly indicated that he was not well treated. His body showed signs of severe malnutrition and was covered with various blueberries and scars, especially in the ankle, palms and chin, under which he had an L-shaped scar

Although he seemed abandoned, almost like a homeless orphan, the cops took their fingerprints and waited for a match. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The visiting doctor determined that the body could be in the forest for 2 to 14 days, which is a large dispersion in time, but it is not necessary to forget that the incident occurred in the 1950s.

The case attracted heavy media attention in Philadelphia and neighboring Delaware. In the following years, Philadelphia, as well as other places in Pennsylvania, more than 400,000 booklets were sent. The competent faculty rebuilt the facade and all the posters were accompanied by a drawing of a happy boy.

Leaflets were sent to dozens of police stations, post offices and even gas-filled envelopes, unfortunately to no avail. The police even sent the posthumous photo of the boy in which he was dressed and settled. in the hope that such a form could lead to more traces.

Boy in the Box / mystery case

Significant traits that the researchers noticed:


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  • The boy had his short hair before death
  • The fingers on both legs and hands were smoothed, indicating that they were immersed for a long time under water
  • The boy may have a chronic eye disease
  • His esophagus contained dark brown remains, which could be evidence that he vomited shortly before death.
  • He was considerably malnourished, but the cause of death was a few blows to the head

The crime scene itself has been repeatedly searched by hundreds of police officers, but in addition to finding children's shoes whose footprints have not been taken anywhere, no other useful footage has been discovered. To this day, the boy's identity remains as mysterious as it was in 1957. Although the case has gradually begun to fall to dust, in the years to come, some theories that amateur researchers face are emerging.

Lonely house

In 1960, Remington Bristow, an employee of the medical investigator's office, who was also slightly confiscated until his death in 1993, contacted a New Jersey psychiatrist who led him to the wake of a nursing home. He was just 2.5 kilometers from where the body was discovered.

That's where the boy was the psychiatrist. Finally, the police were also called to the foster homewho immediately found some evidence showing compliance with what was discovered at the scene of the crime, but no progress was made in the investigation. According to an official, the boy would be born as the daughter of the man who gave birth at home and death was just an accident.

Boy in the Box / mystery case

A woman known under the nickname "M"

One of the other known theories presented in 2002 woman referred to as "M". Police initially considered the testimony likely, but after investigating the person and discovering that she was suffering from mental problems, her testimony was astounded.

M claimed that his mother, who abused her, bought an unknown boy named Jonathan from his parents in 1954. Consequently, the boy would be exposed to physical and sexual abuse for two and a half years.

One night, though, the mother did not survive, and with the tyranny of the boy, she was surpassing her. According to "M", a fatal incident occurred after Jonathan denied a roast beef dinner, which his mother deemed an unwarranted insult.

Soon, he had to hit his head a few times, then take his bath, during which he should die. These details corresponded to information known only to the police when the visiting doctor discovered that the boys in the stomach contained bits of roasted grain and that their fingers were wrinkled with water.

Boy in the Box / mystery case

The mother must then take the scissors and cut the boy's long hair in an attempt to hide his identity, which the police also observed during the observation of his body. Then M had to force her to get rid of her body. "M" in the police said that when they were about to throw the boy's body out of the trunk of the car, he walked around the man who spoke with them in the rebellion, or they did not need help. After a brief conversation with her mother, she should leave.

Despite the credibility of the M police, she was unable to verify her story. In addition, the neighbors M denied that the boy was in his house by a certain period of time. Several other theories have emerged over the years, but ultimately all of them have finally been denied. It seems like the kid's secret in the box will remain forever unsolved.

The boy was originally buried in the fields near Mechanicsville and Dunks Ferry Rd. The tombstone simply said, "Heavenly Father, bless this unknown boy." Finally, in 1998, the boy's body was exhumed to be withdrawn from DNA. It was extracted from your tooth in an attempt to combine DNA with some relatives using large databases. However, no relevant agreement has been found so far.


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