The terrible act of Radoslav at the Bratislava bomb: Popradčan skýtil tank tank, then the lighter


Popradcan Radoslav P. (28) faces a felony charge of general threat at trial stage in connection with the incident that occurred over the past weekend.

The accused, according to police, bought cigarettes and a lighter inside one of the gas stations in the second district of Bratislava. When he left the store, he approached the rack from which he pulled the gun from the tank. She polished the stand itself and its immediate surroundings.

Gas station.

Source: Getty Images

The lighter tried to light up the spilled gas, but it did not work. "By this extremely dangerous act, he exposed people to the danger of death or serious injury to health, as well as causing damage to property on a large scale" representatives of the law emphasized.

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Radoslav was arrested by a patrol, then escorted and placed in a police custody cell. "In the case of guilty conduct, a prison sentence of four to ten years is threatened by such conduct" report.


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