The teacher caused a scandal in Bratislava kindergarten! "I wrote Cigane," she sent her message to her mother


The horrible mother posted the conversation on the social network. "Cigane wrote that today a little will not lunch" On the report.

"The teacher was mistaken and sent a message to me by mistake, where she went to write about me – let's suppose we were a ciga.As a teacher is communicating? I think every mother has a name, be it a cigarette, a peasant, a Chinese or a Mongolian " wrote for the status of Gabika. He also claims that she paid for everything, but even if she does not have it, no one has the right to talk to her.

Martin Kuruc, mayor of Vrakune, also commented on the article. "I'm doing this right away, as I learned, kindergarten is a separate entity, but I'm dealing with the principal," wrote Kuruc.

There has also been a lively discussion under the status, and many say that the teacher should be punished in such behavior with a testimony.

The teacher mistakenly sent a message

Source: FB / VrakuĊˆa


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