Sunday , October 24 2021

The state is preparing a new deterrent law for defaulters! You may lose a little more than money.


All the change that the Ministry is preparing is still only within the amendment of the Tax Code. It is here that there is a novelty that will apply the punishment to the citizens who did not fulfill their taxes on the State. Reported on

The state is preparing a new impediment


The level at which the amendment is currently in effect is a comment procedure. This means, in practice, that the law can still be amended before receiving it in plenary by members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

In the current situation, the Financial Report is focusing more on the payment of debts for payment of non-payers. In other cases, the whole process can go up to selling the property or property that the entity owns. Thus, in this sphere, it could be a new way in which state authority would motivate its obligations towards the state.

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