The star fell on the premiere: no bra and … oh, panties!


Ashanti is known to the public as a singer and dancer. However, she also has some acting experiences on her account. He currently debuted a musical called Stuck, in which she accomplished her talent.

At the ceremony, she praised her turn for change. The artist wore a distinctive dress that she kept constantly. The deep neckline revealed her grandson, her high thigh.

But a moment of inattention and embarrassment was enough. The tabloid photographer and many presenters took a look at her black panties. Whether it was an accident or an intention to do it alone.

Looking at Ashanti, it was clear to everyone that she had left the bra at home.


Source: SITA

Ashanti continued to dress. This gave the attendant a look at her panties.



Do you like the clothes that Ashanti showed?


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