The Shorter is already looking forward to a filled Tehelna field, will it be sold?


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With fifteen goals, the best autumn scorer of the highest Slovakian football championship, Andraz Šporar, confirms in the sweater of ŠK Slovan Bratislava leader, his final skills also during the preparation for the spring season 2018/2019.

Soon, the 25-year-old Slovenian representative (born February 27, 1994) scored four times, of which two goals were scored in the 4-2 win over Japan Cup winner Jonah Bellmare on Tuesday.

Šporar sent Slovan in the second minute and in the 66th minute he equalized in 2: 2, in both cases he won the Moroccan wrestler Moha. Slovan's victory at the end of the match, with two accurate interventions in the 75th and 80th minutes, was settled by Marin Ljubicic.

PHOTOGALLERY: National football stadium at the Teheln pole.

"It's no news, we get to understand this with Moh in the fall." We are good at playing together, we are off the field and it is good for the whole team to be productive and score goals. " Andraž Šporar, who said to his opponent's marga in the morning, said:

"The Japanese are fast and skilled, it's difficult to play against them, I can keep running throughout the game and I'm not happy to have turned unfavorable development into deserved victory, but we had to react exaggeratedly so I appreciate it as a great test for all of us. "

For ten days, the spring part of the Fortuna football league will begin, Slovan will be introduced early Saturday, February 16, at Dunajská Streda against FC DAC 1904, the biggest competitor in the championship title fight.

"I feel great, I look forward to the sharp points, it has been a long preparation, we were ten days in Bratislava, eight days in Malta, now two weeks in Turkey." Winter training is the longest and heaviest part of the year, but also the most important. We accept the condition not only for the spring part, but also for the whole of next year. But I can not wait to start the spring part. Regards, the other is to play preparatory duels instead of fighting for league points at Dunajska Streda, "commented the Ljubljana native who came from Basel in Switzerland in January 2018 to ŠK Slovan with the most expensive player attribute in the history of largest Slovakian competition and signed a contract for 4.5 years – until June 30, 2022.

Šporar is already looking forward to Slovan's spring performance at the new Teheln camp, where the "blue" returned from Pasienkov after nine years. In the "blue" field, the turmoil in Belek, Turkey, triggered a ticket announcement for a prestigious duel against FC Spartak Trnava, who plays on Sunday, March 3, at 6:00 pm of the 21st round of the Fortuna League.

The players want a new stadium to be sold in the Tehelno field in the first prize competition. "There were more than 2,000 people at Olomouc Olympics Stadium (January 16, 2019 – score 2: 3, note), and when they started to cheer, it was a beautiful sound thanks to the acoustics. Andraž Šporar asked in a speech, adding,

"The game with Trnava will be special for players, clubs and supporters, and I want the stadium to be sold, let's all like Slovan, play the best, play football, have an eight-point lead at the table and we will win the title. But we need support from the fans so we can really do something beyond the borders of Slovakia. Trnava has to be full, I believe the stadium will be filled in other games. Our players are playing with this kind of support quite differently and better than ever in Pasienky. "



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