The NHL battle is full, says Boris Valábik (excerpt from Volani ma bitaru)


today 07:00

Boris Valábik, together with the journalist Marián Szücs, publishes a book called Volani ma bitouc. The former NHL defender is not only open about hockey, which is a passion for him, but also about money, women, addictive substances and why he decided to pursue his studies at a police school.


About battles …

Anyone who has been killed knows what it's like. Thousands of spectators are watching you on the ice and nobody wants to worry about them. The battle is full. The technique is especially important in defense because everyone can hurt or learn. The point is that your opponent will not hit you more and more than his.

The blows are as strong as your opponent can. If he allowed you to knock him down, you would. This also happens. These wounds can be very difficult.

The bones of the right hand that I used to stain are completely lined and dull. Even the wounds you give hurt. You hit with your bare hand. Also on the helmet, plexiglas or on the top of the head.


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