The Huawei Mate 20 Pro screen has a defect. The manufacturer defends


Huawei recently introduced its new, innovative and innovative flagship Huawei Kill 20 Pro. Soon after this model came on sale, customers began to complain about a certain defect on the screen, which appears to be a yellowish border. At first, it seemed that this phenomenon has become only a minimal number of users. But the truth is different, and the producer has already expressed his opinion on the case.

When does she get used to seeing yellow?

The yellow-green dots appear especially when the display shows dark, and in some cases white, colors. All this with the condition that the screen brightness is set to lower values. As you can see in the photo, it looks very stunning, and certainly not something you'd expect from one phone for a thousand euros, and that might bother some people. The number of users whose Huawei Kill 20 Pro suffers from this problem is increasing.

Manufacturer's Declaration

company Huawei finally arrived at the incident, and we know its content: "The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a special design display.The screen has folded edges to give customers a better user experience and comfortable use of the smartphone.This fold can lead to a slightly incorrect display of the border colors of different In extremely dark conditions, at times when the brightness of the screen is set to a minimum or if you are using a dark wallpaper, this effect may seem a bit more pronounced. use of your phone, please send your phone to our authorized customer service center. "

The latest information suggests that yellowing is becoming more intense over time, and many experts are blaming only the glue that the fabric adheres to the body itself. Looks like Huawei trying to convince users that this is not a flaw, but it's just the natural feature of that display. If you have the edge of the screen in your Huawei Kill 20 Pro Very unnatural colors too, we recommend you complain about the phone.

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