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The Hollywood wedding of the year was kept a secret! The Avenger married Schwarzenegger's daughter


She had a beautiful dress! It did not take Chris Pratt a year to find his next fateful woman and take her to the altar. The development of his relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger was hampered by all fans of this pair. After the unexpected engagement, the wedding bells were also surprisingly almost ringing for them.

Intimate promises in a circle of loved ones

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger married a luxury San Ysidro ranch in California next weekend. A prominent couple married only in a close circle of friends and family, making them able to hide the media's marriage.

They traded their promises in the ranch garden where they were surrounded by natural beauties and flowers, and in celebration the couple decided to serve only local specialties of homemade ingredients. Especially the bride was very happy and, according to her friends, she liked that day very much.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his wife and the first child of Chris's wedding also attended the ceremony.

Armani wedding dress

The bride was wearing a beautiful Giorgio Armani dress. It had a narrow cut that emphasized its figure and passed through a long siding.

The first official wedding photo along with a beautiful confession was published by a well-known actor.

"Yesterday was the best day of our lives!" We became a husband and wife before God, our family and those we love.He was intimate, moving and emotional.We are so blessed to start a new chapter in our lives.

We are very grateful to our families and friends who stood by our side and grateful to Giorgio Armani, who created the unique dress Katherine had and the perfect suit for me. This morning we feel nothing more than a blessing, "he wrote his new impressions after the wedding.

Misty with wedding date

The two met last summer, but started dating in the fall. The first confirmation came in December and shortly after, in January, her fans learned that they were engaged.

Both Chris and Katherine often blurred the date of their marriage in interviews. Even though the bride has already prematurely celebrated a farewell to freedom in April, they only attributed this to her workload.

Everyone said they planned the wedding only in the fall or winter. As a result, they managed to cover their true wedding plans so they could hide their day from fans and journalists and enjoy it privately.

Katherine is one of Hollywood's beauties. Throw your eye on your fancy robes in the photo gallery:

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