The Hapalans want to reach two goals in a derby against the Czech Republic: both lead the only way


Pavel Hapal and his assistant Oto Brunegraf
Pavel Hapal and his assistant Oto Brunegraf

PRAGUE – The Slovakian representatives are hoping for a final duel in Group B of the League of Nations of the Czech Republic against the Czech Republic on Monday, November 19, at 8.45 pm on Monday, November 19 at 8.45 p.m., which will be the last of the calendar year 2018. Pavel Hapal trainees two positions ahead – remaining in the second division LN performance and remaining in the second basket in December for qualifying to advance to the championship of Europe 2020. They need a win to fulfill both objectives.

The Slovaks entered the newly formed League of Nations with two close matches with Ukraine (0: 1 in Lviv) and Czech (1: 2 in Trnava), which prepared them for the possibility of moving to the top of Division A and vice -versa. The Slovaks have slightly improved their position with Friday's 4: 1 win over Ukraine and for second place in the group, just win any victory in the Czech capital because our neighbors in the northwest have the same number of points in the table. ).

"Before the duel in Prague, we must first take into account the health of the players, we have a strategy, we all know we have to win in the Czech Republic, we will certainly play offensive, said after the triumph over Ukrainian coach Hapal, who had a winning debut in Trnava in the Slovakian senior bench selection. "I think the goal of the four-goal is not easy but the team failed to score many goals but we managed to do it, we managed to eliminate it" praised his acquaintances.

The native Kroměříž gave the chance to some younger players in the duel with Ukraine. Dávid Hancko had a chance to change things and Albert Rusnák scored the equalizer for Adam Zreľák. All nominees for their performance have been asked to sign up for a Monday match with Czech, but Hapal will have to take into account the basic makeup and health of the individual players. The meeting in Trnava did not take Juraj Kucka or Zrelak, and Stanislav Lobotka was left unstable on the bench.

The match with Czech will close the Slovak team in the current edition of the League of Nations and will be a direct confrontation for second place in the 1st group of Division B. Both teams have three points ahead of the final duel, but Jaroslav's team Šilhavý is in a better position because in October the duel won in Trnava 2: 1, and remaining in that division of performance is enough to equalize, while the Slovaks need to win.

"Everything will happen in the Czech Republic, we need to win in Prague, the draw does not solve anything, I personally look forward to Monday's match, I can not wait to see it, I think all other players and our team will be great derby, full stadium.It's about rescue in division B. I believe we will succeed " said Albert Rusnák, a native of the Czech Vyškov.

In a "federal" derby difficult to find a favorite. More than a month ago, paper predictions were in favor of Slovakia, but at the time led by Jan Kozák at home lost 1: 2. Since then he has played two games with challenging opponents and did not feel the need to lose. At the preparatory inter-team meeting in October, he drew 1-1 at home in Sweden (Stefan Tarkovich took him on as a temporary coach) and on Friday won 4-1 Ukraine with the new Hapal coach. The Czechs also come to life after the change of the coach of the game. Jaroslav Šilhavý got two wins and one defeat in three performances. After his success in Slovakia, his team succumbed to Ukraine in Lige Nation 0: 1, but in preparation for a fight with "hawk" got the Polish lawn 1: 0 due to the exact intervention of Jakub Jankt.

"I see that we did a lot of good things in the game with Poland, but there were a lot of gaps in the game that we did not cover, and we're talking about them and eliminating them, I do not want it to be that way nobody is." better than us and Slovak we can advise, I think nobody is in the team, we go to the duel with humility and I believe we can do it " said Shiloh, 57.

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