The former president of Harabinov disappears as vice-president of the court after the disappearance of the part of the process in the case Technopol


Vladimir Sklenka resigned after a major part of the Technopol file was lost in court.

Vice-President of the District Court (OS) Bratislava I Vladimír Sklenka resigned. Justice Minister Gábor Gál (Most-Híd) accepted. TASR has confirmed this by the Justice Department. This was also highlighted by the Daily N, according to which Glass resigned after a significant portion of the Technopol file was lost in court.

According to the diary, the glass is a former pilot, Stefan Harabin, and he is responsible for the registration. At the end of October, the Justice Minister informed him that he was filing a criminal complaint with an unknown perpetrator for the lack of the file in the Technopol case, which also involved the criminal defendant Marian K. Who disappeared from OS Bratislava I.

Part of the file had to be taken by someone

"The good news is that we can reconstruct a proportion of the 300 missing pages because we had a file in March and the Ministry of Justice where we made photocopies of the file," Gál said at the end of October. He confirmed that there is a lack of pages 43 to 330 in the file, which is unclear.

The minister thinks that the missing part had to be taken by someone, many people should contact him.

"This could have happened and in the past it happened that part of the file was found in some other case where the human factor fails, but that's a bit suspicious to me that part of the file is missing which can be very important to the case," he said. He did not exclude the head of state in the case of personal liability.


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