The fight for the Constitutional Court continues: the deputies have elected two candidates, a new choice is waiting for us


MEPs voted on candidates by secret ballot on Wednesday. The elected are Ivan Fiačan, Peter Molnár, Rastislav Kaššák, Subos Szigeti, Daniela Švecová and Michal Truban. At present, there are only four judges of thirteen in the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. MEPs will elect 18 candidates, of whom the President of the Slovak Republic will elect nine new constitutional judges. Since they did not select the required number of candidates on Wednesday, a re-election will take place this evening, with 12 candidates still to be elected. All the unelected candidates advanced to him.

17:59 Members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic have elected other candidates for constitutional judges

MEPs today elected two candidates to constitutional judges in secret ballot. They are them Miloš Maďar and Pavol Malich. Along with the six candidates they have chosen on Wednesday, the president may select four of the eight constitutional court candidates. 138 ballots were valid today in a secret ballot. As the required number of candidates has not been selected, a new choice will be made.

Kiska President will receive eight names for the time being, so the original coalition agreement was fulfilled. In addition to the Hungarian and Malich, Ivan Fiačan, Peter Molnár, Rastislav Kaššák, Suboš Szigeti, Daniela Švecová and Michal Truban also head to the state. The first six votes were voted on Wednesday (April 3).

17:48 Coalition MPs think they have elected other candidates for constitutional judges today

Erik Tomas, SD-MEP, thinks that today the plenary will elect other candidates for constitutional judges. He told reporters after he participated in the secret ballot. However, he admitted that the required number of 18 candidates is a high number for both the opposition and the coalition.

President of Parliament, Andrej Danko

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A member of Most-Híd Irén Sárközy said she did not find 12 names on the Candidates List. "But I think there will be more candidates after today" she said. According to Eva Antošová, of the National Party of Slovakia, it is necessary to vote with responsibility. She also did not find 12 suitable candidates. MP Martin Klus hopes to elect a couple of candidates. "It's about playing with candidates because the National Council of the Slovak Republic has not chosen enough for twice" he said.

17:38 The vote was over, followed by a pause during which votes are counted

Members are leaving.

Source: SITA / Jana Birošová

17:11 MEPs vote on candidates for judges in the Constitutional Court

The members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic again elect candidates for judges from the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. In a secret ballot, they select from 23 candidates who were not elected on Wednesday. The candidates are: Pavol Boroň, Martin Javorček, Michal Matulník, Vlastimil Pavlikovský, Edita Pfundtner, Peter Straka, Anton Dulak, Eva Kováčechová, Katarína Čechová, Peter Melicher, Stanislav Irsák, Michal Ďuriš, Štefan Kseňák, Pavol Malich, Radoslav Procházka, Miloš Maďar, Marek Tomašovič, Libor Duľa, Radovan Hrádek, Ladislav Dudits, Robert Šorl, Martin Vernarský and Zuzana Pitoňáková.

16:00 The President of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Kiska, declares that he will do everything to make it operational

When the election of candidates for constitutional judges occurs, it wants to supplement the SR Constitutional Court as soon as possible, even though the National Council of the Slovak Republic chooses fewer than 18 candidates. At the same time, the head of state wants to appoint the chair of the SR Constitutional Court as soon as possible so that the newly elected President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová can make a promise to the President of the Constitutional Court. Kiska is, in her own words, very indignant at the events surrounding the election of new constitutional judges.

Andrej Kiska

Source: TASR – Pavel Neubauer

13:47 Again the Coalition has confirmed that it does not want a decent Constitutional Court

In the election of candidates for the judges of the Constitutional Court, the governing coalition of exit continues to act, as it intends to complement the Constitutional Court with people who will serve not the people, but will protect the state mafia. Alojz Baránik, deputy of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and a team of Freedom and Solidarity for Justice, announced this between the first and repeated elections.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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"All too often, the coalition ignored the excellent human and professional qualities of the candidates, with the intention of supplementing the current cadres of the Constitutional Court, so that it is once again dominated by their needs." A member of the Constitutional Law Committee, Alojz Baránik, said in a statement.

13:30 "There is an agreement to complete the implementation of the agreement that was adopted yesterday in the Coalition Council" Fico added.

12:10 Robert Fico will not run for the next candidate election

"I will not run, you can be calm" He answered the question if he would sign up for a possible third choice, which is now more than right. Should occur in May. "This third round could take place at the May meeting, May 9" Fico added. Thirdly, if you vote for candidates by secret ballot, it is a matter of additional agreement.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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00:09 "I think two more candidates will be elected today and everything is settled." said Fico. According to him, it was not intended.

00:07 Bugar's suspicion was clear: "To put it exactly, that part of the deal that concerned Mosta-Hid was one hundred percent complete." Fico does not understand the context of the Bugár statements.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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00:03 Robert Fico still defends a secret choice. After the public, if the judges knew who voted for and against, they would not have to remain impartial.

00:00 "There was agreement on several candidates and today we will continue our re-election" he said with certainty that it would certainly be a secret choice, another could not be. "There's no chance 18 candidates will be elected, let's be honest." The third round may also be running.

11:39 LIVE Press Release

11:30 According to Erik Tomas, it would be ideal to select 18 candidates, agreements are difficult to find

The election of at least six candidates for the ÚS judges is important, MEP Dirk Erik Tomáš said of the outcome of Wednesday's vote. In your opinion, it would be ideal to choose a total of eighteen years. But he believes that deals on such a large number of candidates are hard to come by. The problem with this is not just the coalition but also the opposition, he pointed out.

"There is a need for more judges. It is important that at least six candidates have been elected, of which the President can choose three and the Constitutional Court will be operational." told reporters. He rejects that it would be a coalition strategy not to deliberately choose a total number of 18 candidates.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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"There is no strategy.It would be ideal if the full number was selected.But agreements are hard to find, I am glad they found at least six coins.Even the opposition can not agree with such a large number" he said. Tomas reiterated that the chairman of the Board, Robert Fico, will not compete in the next round of elections. "Maybe 12 years old" The deputy remembered Fico's words.

The majority and the CIS agree with the public choice

Andrej Danko agrees with Béla Bugár's proposal of a public choice of constitutional judges; He told reporters that the coalition council would still be negotiating on Thursday. The night is awaiting the re-election of the deputies. "I'm not a defender of secret things, and I said that I have no problem in showing clearly and publicly who we voted to not suspect." Danko said.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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Bugar suspects coalition wanted to block choice

Bugár stopped for a brief moment in parliament because of Árpád Érsek's appeal. However, at the address of the election of the constitutional judges, he stated that the coalition agreement did not work in the election of constitutional judges. According to him, it seems that some did not want the candidates to be elected. If this is confirmed, there may be a public choice in the evening vote. He confirmed that the coalition agreed to elect eight candidates for constitutional judges. Six passed.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

Source: Topky / Ján Zemiar

Bugar suspects that some coalition MPs failed to abide by the agreement and wanted to block it. If confirmed, Bugár will be for public voting only. "Yesterday there was an agreement that eight candidates should receive positive votes. Even based on how I saw the numbers and that the two were not elected, I suspect some may have been the decision to block the election of candidates, which in turn raises at least a suspicion on me. " Bugár said. If that is the case, and on Thursday, MEPs will not vote on the two candidates, Bugár will have a public vote in the next round of voting. "Because it's the only certainty" said Bugár.

They have not fully complied with the coalition agreement

In the coalition council, the parties agreed on the names of the eight candidates, so they did not fully comply with the secret ballot. Candidates Miloš Maďar and Pavol Malich did not approach the judges closely. The president has a choice of six candidates, most of whom were Ivan Fiacan, 112. The first choice of candidates was boycotted by Smer, mainly because the election was public. Some of Mosta-Híd and SNS also voted for Szigeti and Truban.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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Why the agreement has not been fully respected is not yet known to Members. In today's re-election, twelve names will be elected from the remaining candidates to complete the Constitutional Court. Once again, the deputies will vote in a secret ballot, for which they expressed 77 votes in favor.

MEPs have not fulfilled their duty

Andrei Kiska said parliamentarians again failed to fulfill their obligation to elect 18 candidates for the Constitutional Court judges, of whom the president was to select nine judges. He said this in response to the result of the election in which the members elected six candidates. The Head of State will say in the short term how he will proceed in this matter.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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Prime Minister welcomes election result

The Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Peter Pellegrini, welcomes the vote of the members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic who have chosen candidates for the judges of the Constitutional Court. He believes that President Andrej Kiska will nominate them as soon as possible for the Constitutional Court to re-operate. He said so in response to Wednesday's election.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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Politická hantírka

I am ready to vote for all eighteen candidates. "I think we have to do everything to choose" Danko said in front of the coalition council yesterday, saying that the coalition is not capable of whole numbers and therefore will be in a position to achieve minimum penetration. "I do not know if we can reach a consensus on the subject of constitutional judges, but if I am friends with constitutional judges, Robert Fico must promise me that the new finance minister will cut taxes," he said. Danko said yesterday, saying that this is how political language works.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

Source: SITA / Branislav Bibel

On the third try, a good start

There are good people among the candidates elected to constitutional judges, and President Andrej Kiska may choose. Justice Minister Gábor Gál (Most-Híd) said. "The third good start I hope the coalition can find the match in other currencies too" the minister commented on the election of six candidates. He pointed out that others could have been elected as several candidates who had been defeated received a larger number of votes. "It looked promising" Gal noted that it would still be necessary to allow others to have a total of 13 judges in the Constitutional Court (USC).

According to Matovic, the coalition chose its own

The coalition chose purely its candidates in the election of candidates to constitutional judges. Igor Matovich, president of the Movement of the Slovak Republic, announced that the results of the vote were published. "They will do everything they can to impose impunity in the United States. Now the deal will be even faster " said about the coalition agreements. At the same time, MEPs say those who voted for a secret choice have failed. Ján Budaj (RESPONSIBLE) scored the election result as the coalition rolled.

Opposition published names

Since the Freedom and Solidarity Party has promoted the public choice of candidates for constitutional judges from the outset, a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and his teammate SaS Alojz Baránik published a list of candidates supported by the party party. They are Katarína Čechová, Ivan Fiačan, Eva Kováčechová, Zuzana Pitoňáková, Peter Straka, Robert Šorl and Martin Vernarský. "We always hold the view that the election of constitutional judges should be public, so that the citizens can also check how the deputies who have chosen do their work." explained Alojz Baránik.

Fighting for the Constitutional Court

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"The election of constitutional judges is practically the most important thing that Parliament decides in this period.The Constitutional Court is the pillar of the rule of law, which is ineffective because of the dominant coalition" said SaS vice president Lucia Ďuriš Nicholson. On the contrary, SaS has been responsible for the election of candidates to constitutional judges all the time. "We did not play any backstage games. I would like to appreciate the honest work of our colleagues Alojz Baránik and Ondrej Dostál on the constitutional-legal committee which, through its activity, contributed to the fact that Robert Fico was not a constitutional judge. We must not forget this aspect " provided by SaS Group President Natália Blahová.

Parliament was able to unblock the situation in the USA.

The president can now choose three of the six candidates elected, so that the plenary session will be held. After announcing the results of the secret ballot, a member of the SR National Council Jaroslav Baška said. "In this way, Parliament also managed to unblock the state that is now in the US. Now it is a step for the president to choose three of these six candidates " he said.

According to Miroslav Číž, the election created room for something to be done with the Constitutional Court, which now has only four judges. If the President nominates three of the six candidates for the position, the Plenary of the Constitutional Court will have seven members and will be able to have opinions according to Číž. He pointed out that the selection process for judges is not yet complete. The next step, according to Číž, also depends on what steps President Kiska will take.

The CC with seven judges can not be considered operational

The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, with seven judges, can not be considered functional. It is claimed by Via Iuris in response to the election of candidates for constitutional judges. Once again, MEPs were not able to choose the total number of 18 candidates to be elected. They chose six in Wednesday's secret ballot. "We believe that Parliament will act responsibly to protect the rights of citizens and will elect the remaining candidates to the constitutional judges in a re-election tomorrow." Six elected candidates are not enough, because only in full cast can the Constitutional Court make full and effective decisions effectively protect the rights of people ". Highlights Via Iuris.

He adds that it is the duty of members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic to ensure that one of the most influential state institutions is fully occupied. "Today, six candidates elected to constitutional judges would change the SR Constitutional Court's status from" almost non-functional "to" work very hard, "" provided by Via Iuris.

The lawyer of Via Iuris, Kristina Babiaková, observed that "If the president of the six elected candidates chooses three constitutional judges, the last guarantor of justice – the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic – can only revoke the unconstitutional law if all seven judges unanimously vote". Equally complicated, in his words, would be to protect the rights of people in such composition.


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