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The death case in a hospital in Trnava: convicted three doctors by birth with a tragic end

The most experienced of them, MUDr. František P., is supposed to be considered an offense of bodily injury and a 3.5 year offense to prison, MUDr. Jana Š. received a two-year suspended sentence for three years and MUDr. Ivan D. annual sentence of two years in prison. Defendant of the accused František P. Ján Januška described the trial as bad news for all doctors in Slovakia. The trial of the court of first instance is not yet valid.

Doctors were charged with misconduct in three births that were extremely tragic. Frantisek P., who is already retired, was involved in all three. In the first case, in 2009, the birth of Adriana, the mother of the mother, died later in the maternity ward. According to the prosecution, the doctors did not use the possibility of inviting an infectious specialist to it and did not define the right treatment at the time when their adverse health condition could be reversed.

In this sense, the family seeks, in the civil process, the indemnification for immaterial damages in money. Doctors were also tried on the case of Catherine, who gave birth to Matus in her hometown in Trnava in 2011, but she did not survive the birth. In this case, the Health Care Supervisory Authority has already confirmed the doctors' error. According to the doctor's office, doctors did not diagnose extensive uterine damage and subsequent massive bleeding into the abdominal cavity. Relatives of the Trnava hospital have assessed 150,000 euros for non-material damage. Another case concerns the death of a fetus in 2010, after which Miriam's mother went into a coma, remained in the intensive care unit for three months and has permanent health consequences.

All three convicted doctors had several successful deliveries and also had a good reputation, and the Trnava District Judge also responded. "In this procedure, you are not judging how well you are a doctor, whether you are good or bad, because you have many years of experience behind you and I have no reason to doubt your professional skills, that you are a good doctor. On the other hand, the mistakes that have been proven can not remain without an adequate response. " the judge said and pointed out that they were not deliberate acts but acts of negligence. Only MUDr. Ivan D., who insists on doing everything as he should and therefore feels innocent.

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