Monday , March 1 2021

The breathtaking space battles returned. We play Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

The Warhammer Galaxy is in the flame of constant warfare.

Three years from the first part Battlefleet Gothic: Armada of Tindalos Interactive, we finally came to a complete continuation. The two build the base of their predecessor, seeking to improve almost every aspect of the brand.

From the beginning, it offers the title of three action campaigns. Now you can play in cooperative mode. This is still the beta version, but we are ready to wait for the full release soon. Multiplayer fans will also come to theirs. There are all 12 fractions available in the original board game. Each race provides a number of vessels of different weight categories, from which we can have our own fleet.

Space strives is very fast and exciting. Our ships not only provide various weapons and support systems that we can use to fight, but also serve as huge dangers.

We will receive a full review soon. In a short video at the beginning of the article, you can still see a demonstration of how the fleet of the human empire encountered the Chaos Awakening ships.

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