Tuesday , May 11 2021

The beautiful daisy fights against the coronavirus: Hysterical crying … It almost choked!

So far, Janka Slačková has kept her diagnosis to herself. In recent days, however, his supporters have noticed that the presenter, who, in addition to Telerán, also moderates on Radio Evropa 2, broadcasts from her home. Therefore, the friendly brunette saw no reason to take this fact any further and left with the truth.

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“As many of you may have guessed, I am positive and eager. But I feel better now, I feel better now, although those first few days were not the easiest. I had a flu course, probably with all the possible symptoms. After all, if I’m not really having problems with two symptoms, ” despite the serious situation, the editor joked.

At first, she would have felt completely comfortable, but then, maybe all the symptoms associated with the coronavirus appeared – headache, joint pain, fever, loss of taste, smell, cough. “I’m already feeling better, I finally broadcast from home on Friday, which I am very happy with, and I am very happy to have bosses so innovative that they came with all this. Well, I will be broadcasting from home for a few more days, but I believe that if everything goes as before, it will soon go to the radio this week too, which I am really looking forward to,“Janka admitted that he is already managing the diagnosis well, but when he found out, he literally passed out.

Janka Slačková is currently broadcasting from home.
The beautiful marquis is struggling with

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“And if you’re in the same situation as me or if the result is still waiting for you, then if I can give you advice if you’re healthy, then don’t panic when you get the result … Even at one o’clock at night , like me. And don’t start screaming hysterically, because it probably won’t help you. ” recommended to your followers. She didn’t cling to emotions when she heard the result.

“I was so upset. I don’t know if I lost or I don’t know what happened to me. Usually, they are mosquitoes. I roared and when I went to drink the tea, I ended up running, so I almost choked on the tea. So, if I can give less advice, if it happens to you, then relax, okay, it can be done, ” she added while asking everyone to comply with the regulations. Mainly because of the older and more vulnerable.

Janka Slačková admitted that she is being treated for coronavirus at home.
The beautiful marquis is struggling with

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