The asteroid of the universe has apparently brought us a cure for cancer


Scientists are investigating an effective method of treating cancer associated with a specific metal space.

Have you ever heard of a metal called iridium? It is a very rare element, with the highest density of all. It is found in small amounts in asteroids and, to a lesser extent, in the earth's crust. Its occurrence is therefore directly related to the fall of these cosmic "fragments" to our Earth. The so-called iridium layer, 66 million years old, serves as evidence of the asteroid catastrophe and the extermination of dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period.

However, scientists have recently discovered that this metal has an extraordinary ability. Under specific conditions, it can effectively kill tumors. When exposed to light, it reacts with oxygen molecules, acting essentially as an oxidizing agent and quickly killing tumor cells in division, but without damaging them.

The problem, however, is that the iridium complex is not able to be transported to the cells. But that could solve protein albumin in the blood. It easily enters cancer cells, and can also transfer iridium itself.

So far, the revolutionary method has not been tested on a living organism, but it does seem to have great potential and can be a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.


Source: netky IK

Photo: Pixabay

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