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The 17-year Slovak team for Füssen will be given the opportunity to many new players


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The Slovakian ice hockey team until age 17 will be presented at the four-country tournament in Füssen, Germany, during the November football break, where they fight against the French "Eighteen" as well as the national age selection and the peasant Switzerland.

SR coach "17" Ján Lipiansky approached the cadet, compared to the August event in Piešťany, he will have the opportunity for thirteen new players.

"We do not have such a large number of events this season, but we would also like to see other players on the show, some players abroad, some injured, and we already had plans to try new players for this November action."

"We had about eleven new hockey players on the cadet last weekend, and the team was thrilled, and these players brought a new wind to the cabin, so I'm not afraid" he said Lipiansky to the official website of the Slovak Ice Hockey Association (SZHH).

The slightest experience is that the goalkeepers, the trio Ádám Beke – Jozef Michal Bukas – Šimon Opatovský, scored just one third at the international level.

"We think that now is a good time for those goalkeepers to get the chance, and we know that Šimon Latkóczy already knows about his qualities, the same is true for Jakub Sihelský, and he is not forgetting that he is still just 16-year-old boys and he did not have a chance now, in the "eighteen" they would have been very, very difficult " noticed Lipiansky.

After publishing the nomination, he had to make a change when Samuel Rehak, of Žilina, who left for the representative "eighteenth", replaced Richard Petras of Slovan Bratislava.

The Slovakian "seventeen" will defend Füssen in the past. Before the event, she met Monday afternoon in Trnava, where she concentrated briefly until leaving the tournament. The first duel of the event will take place on Thursday against the selection of France under 18 years.

Käder SR "17" before the Four Nations Tournament in Füssen

Goalkeeper: Ádám Beke (Slovan Bratislava) and Jozef Michal Bukas (MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš), Šimon Opatovský (HK Trnava / MŠK Púchov)

defenders: Denis Bakala (MHA Martin), Marco Ejem (Slovan Bratislava), Oliver Fatul (IK Oskarhamn, Sweden), Simon Groch (VSK Technika Brno, Czech Republic), Dominik Hajas (MK Púchov), Adam Jombík (HV71 Jönköping, Marek Putala MK Púchov), Adrián Zubák (HK Brezno)

forwards Štefan Dlugos (HK ŠKP Poprad), Fé Romana, Lukáš Vaculik (both HC Košice), Mario Jamrich (HC & # 39; Banská Bystrica), Lukáš Lipiansky (Linköpings HC, Sweden), Adam Lukošik, Ferdinand Tóth, Richard Petráš Bratislava) , Maxim Mastic (HC AZ Havířov, Czech Republic), Richard Nemec (MHKM Skálica), Frantisek Smidzar (MHA Martin), Marek Šramaty (MMHK Nitra)

The SR 17 "Tournament of the Four Nations Tournaments in Füssen

Thursday, November 8, 4:00 p.m.:

France "18" – SR "17"

Wednesday, November 9, 6:30 p.m.:

Germany "17" – SR "17"

Thursday, November 10, 1:00 p.m.:

SR "17" – Switzerland "17"

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