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TEST: Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost – best in all measurable categories

Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost

The new Ford Focus also looks better than the predecessor after the first editorial test. It did not work without stumbling.

It's a cliché. The new car is better than the old one. This is my news. It is particularly surprising if it is the opposite. That old woman was better than new. Is happening. But there is not a single manufacturer in segment C. If cars want to produce but also sell, they need to listen carefully to their customers, journalists and engineers. And Ford did it. Focus has improved on all categories that the customer cares about. It was not without, but … First impressions and concepts in short and fresh video:

But the biggest of them is undoubtedly a retreat from the positions of the rear seats. Ford has joined and competed in its criteria. Instead of a specific Ford multilater, the weaker specifications at the rear have a torsion bar with right arms. A simpler version Its main purpose is that it suffices. This is not a high target but still raises an issue. Enough?

Clear enough. When you can commit yourself and you strive in your own way, commitment will suffice. But it will still be a compromise. It may happen that one day is not enough. So much to philosophize about the immortality of the shell.

The car is really cool. Firstly, you will have good sound insulation and comfortable settings. Even our Slovak roads managed with the report and even the worst sections (which I have for mankind) are much better than expected. He died better than I expected.

The ride is captivating, fun. Radiance is a nice style and style. The limitation is a weaker aggregate, but can also be achieved at a decent speed, fast enough to call other pirates off the road. The car maintains a trace, nor does the slope of the curve cause so much that assistants or light rescue units should blink. So, if you have at least the basic form of self-sacrifice. The car is steeper than the same engine before. Bullying bullying also manages better than a person is expecting regarding the technique used. But enthusiasm does not call the car. You will not take his hands off him, you will not be surprised by him. Driving and even with a semi-rigid axle can hold the cockpit behind the wheel better than most competitors. What it loses in the shaft, decreases reducing the weight and increasing the rigidity of the structure. There is no other way to state that the driving characteristics as a whole are better for this engine than before.

The engine is also new. The last generation of trilobal called EcoBoost 1.0 can, if necessary or unnecessary, turn off a cylinder and burn only two. Taking it out is harder than it looks. The car does not communicate anywhere, with no light icon, no announcement. However, a low-load thick race and a certain amount of gentle response to the smooth throttle pressure, this is already indicated by the presence of the cylinder release system.

The most demanding is the first few miles behind the wheel of the vehicle. As if the accelerator pedal were as dull as if the engine were lazy. And he really is … You just stopped doing that later.

The ray response you feel at high speeds is missing. The engine is a little cruel with the layout that has so far decorated it and distinguishes it from its competitors. As if reflection behaved more than the other attempts of this category of volume. These are minor differences, but they can be filmed. We need to focus on them. Or rather, do not focus. I solved this easily. The engine I loaded more so that the cylinder just disengaged in a quiet ride at an even speed and learned to stamp gas more than was necessary in the past.

The average fuel consumption was 6.2 liters of gasoline per 100 km during the test. This is a 50% drop, 40% of the road and 10% of the city. The more I ride the car, the more I care about the engine with the most dynamic return. Consumption surprisingly influenced at least.

Disconnecting the cylinder does not affect the flexibility of the engine in any way. You can use fuel on all three cylinders to charge. The intelligent turbocharger responds promptly, good propagation and gas responses improve driving sensation. For a larger experience, it is sure to pay occasionally to press the sport mode button. In the case of a manual transmission, the impact is not so great, but only for the feeling of pressing the Sport button will compensate. Here you go faster … Flexible acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h occurred in 9.54 to 9.7 seconds in the fourth stage. The engine also carries the third stage in this test, giving it about 8 seconds. Flexibility is therefore sufficient for comfortable overtaking. More cars in shorter sections need to be well thought out. If you do not want to think, choose a stronger motoring. I believe in the strength of a four-cylinder 1.5-liter. It seems to be a general ideal for the new Focus.

Traffic noise measured at 120 km / h culminated at 66 to 67 dB. The results were positively distorted by the thin rain, a negative lateral wind. Feeling the noise is very low and compares with the best.

In addition, the premium audio system of BandO attests greatly. It greatly improves the quality of the music served. Especially own recordings or streaming music is very good. At the level of much more expensive systems in significantly more expensive cars, even without the tumultuous noise of the subwoofer. I would certainly recommend this add-on especially if you spend a lot of time in your car.

A great advantage is undoubtedly the connectivity with smart devices through CarPlay and Android Auto. No phone carriers are needed, but a good data program. I can not combine the ride with Waza and Spotifaj. And the radio stations will not have anything to eat … But for the garbage that goes into the ether in an infinite loop, they deserve it.

But back to Focus. LED lights are in diameter. While in total darkness the passage and direction lights illuminate very well and illuminate a suitable piece of road both ends, wet, in the dark, even in total darkness, its performance is less pleasant. Driving the dimly lit city (all towns and villages) in the rain is very dazzling with the dim lights, and the visibility of pedestrians, cyclists and unlighted animals is drastically falling. I would say it is a lower average. Both fog lights and headlights replace this deficit. The capabilities of LED lights do not exceed the bi-xenon capabilities previously used by Ford. You are nicer, slightly yellowish and more intense. I changed the car with xenon headlights (Focus behind CMAX) and the difference was remarkable. Even though I do not consider the greatest pose in MPV. CMAX further improved its performance with a static twist. But this does not change the fact that the focus with LED lights will compete against competitors and shine well.

The cabin space went hand in hand with a sense of processing quality. Focus replaced the solid panel and center panel in bold with more economical solutions and benefited greatly. The passenger area in the back has improved markedly. Unless the numbers reflect badly. Not a miracle, but thanks to more room for the pilot's and passenger's legs, there's even more space in the back. I do not fit in with a reservation like my colleague. It, however, drives with the backrest adjusted to a smaller incline. In the back there is more space and width. Above the head, the offer is not significantly higher, but whoever wants more, let's buy a wagon. The supply of liters in the trunk is also acceptable and 375 liters is OK.

So let's summarize this. The car drives very well, the engine has not changed in momentum and consumption may even be slightly reduced. The car is smoother, more comfortable. It offers a high level of extra equipment, more space for all passengers, greater level of safety thanks to the assistance systems. The new LED lights come on well, though the bi-xenonas in their latest versions are still unmatched. The car is good, the look is totally charming. Getting to work, for man, which is more dynamism looking for consumption and safety, this version is great. The car does not disappoint the fans of the past generation, on the contrary, it can offer them more. It rides well, has a lot of equipment, looks fresh, gains a few pounds, offers more space, the engine can be more economical. There are not many parameters where an intergenerational deterioration could be found, and not even the previous generation was an evil car. I am curious about the ownership and how much stronger the engine and more expensive chassis. 7.5 of 10 points.

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Technical data

model: Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium
Number of cylinders: 3
Engine displacement (cm3) 999
streaming: 6-speed manual
Motorized axle front
Power (kW / rpm): 92/6000
Torque (Nm / rev): 170/1400 – 4500
Maximum speed (km / h): 200
Acceleration 0 – 100 km / h (s): 10.0
Flexibility 50 – 100 km / h (s) 4th 10.0
Combined fuel consumption (l / 100 km): 5.1
Length / Width / Height (mm): 4378/1825/1452
Wheelbase (mm): 2700
Number of luggage (l): 375
Fuel tank volume (l): 52
Curb weight (kg): 1322
Payload (kg): 533
Tire Size: 235/40 R18
Basic model price list: € 17 590
Basic stock price of the model: € 14 990
Base price of the version (engine + equipment): € 22,590
Base price of the version action: € 19,290

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