Telekom has announced changes: distorted features. It's supposed to help transform the company.


Change has been coming since Friday. The operator has specified who will occupy the positions.

Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile Czech Republic announced that as of March 1, the board of directors will begin operations in a new composition and other functions.

The new feature is that it will no longer apply the way to distribute B2C (current customers) and B2B (business) activities at the highest level.

"First, a new division of customer experience and transformation will be created and will aim to bring the know-how of federal experts in a number of areas. The most important motto will be customer focus and will be applied in the future transformation of the company and of the portfolio, "Telekom said in a statement.

The purchase of an old cell phone and the acquisition of a new cell phone were suspended for longer.

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The operator is making a lot of changes and the company can help.

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Who will lead the departments

The company says it will monitor customer needs for product development with the use of digital data and big data. Synergies between Telekom and T-Mobil continue to operate in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

"Due to the federal level, many synergies can already be achieved through access, content or corporate services and ICT solutions to the largest customers, which will be led by Peter Škodný," the company said.

In each of the countries there will also be a separate business division. To deal with the formation of prices, sales, retail, customer service, marketing and external communication.

B2C and B2B will be led by Dušan Švalek in the Czech Republic, Juraj Bona, in the Czech Republic, who will become a member of top management. Bonn joined the joint venture also on the Slovak side.

Technology, finance, HR, corporate affairs and wholesale remain focused on their current areas. The CEO of Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile Czech Republic, José Perdomo Lorenzo, said the changes are aimed at "speeding up our road to digitization". But the operator did not specify more details.

Leakage of the company

The market is rumored that the new boss of the two combined operators is making redundancies at higher levels. The rate of personal cuts should vary by department. How many percent of employees leave in total are not known.

The dismissal was already linked to Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile Czechia in 2016.


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