Student using a special USB key destroyed dozens of computers at school


Vishwanath Akuthota, now a former student at Saint Rose University in Albany, New York, deliberately destroyed dozens of university computers worth € 50,000. Now they face the prison and a huge fine.

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He informed the portal about the incident New York to the north. According to them, a young 27-year-old student was arrested for destroying up to 66 computers at the University of Saint Rose using a USB Killer. Computers would be destroyed in various places on campus.

USB killer is a special USB key, which when connected to the computer detonates all your circuits and the Internet can be easily obtained and cheap. Police also found his video, which he confessed and now faces a jail sentence of up to 10 years along with a fine of € 220,000. Akuthora, however, pledged to make up for the damage done to the university.

The theme is unclear

How the portal writes The VergeAkuthota is a citizen of India who lives in the USA only with visas. He has an MBA from Saint Rose University. According to his earlier statements, he chose this school because of the tremendous possibilities and benefits of studying. Thus, the motive is not yet known and therefore will come from the course of further investigation.


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