Sports Commentary: Different Invaders


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Efforts, good skating, combat and excellent defense were adorned by the Slovak team in Krefeld. The Slovaks followed the system and were able to win every game.

In defense, they played responsibly, they helped. In addition, they kept the goalkeepers with rookie Andrej Kosarišťan. Marek Ďaloga and Peter Čerešňák stood out and Detva's Martin Chovan did not lose. The Slovaks have collected just five goals in three duels, which is a great business card.

However, there was no difference in the attackers. Many had great moments and good segments, but only five goals. At the end of the game Craig Ramsay threw. His team created enough chances but the player often did not have a room in hockey, a more accurate shot, more emphasis or tighter protection against the opponent's goalkeeper.

In each duel, the Slovakian hockey players got off to a good start, they won three times, but only once. Players like Kytnár, Špirko, Svitana, Lantoši dominate the Slovak league. In the German Cup, they have reached a single Canadian point, although no one can make the effort.

The Canadian coach decided not to use the special formations in the tournament, especially in power games. Only one goal was scored by Slovakian hockey players. They did not have the emphasis on them, protecting the goalkeeper. Against the Germans they created a chance for the long five-to-three advantage, but, paradoxically, did not end with a goal, but with a silly and silly Svitan exclusion.

However, the Slovaks did not make a bad impression, they played defensive defensively. The problem remains the offensive. Ramsay and Miroslav Šatana have enough time to change the team's attack, but they need to find different players. They did not have the German cups going forward.


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