Sony is not surprising, breathtaking?


If you set aside time for an online presentation from Sony today, you probably fell asleep. The State of Play driver was no surprise.

As for news processing and summary, the State of Play is nothing behind the Microsoft Direct or Inside program from Microsoft. It was worse with the content itself, which was not surprising and focused on smaller titles, specifically on PlayStation VR games.

If you hoped to confirm the release date of the expected games, only briefly – there was no confirmation and no announcement of the big game of the first part. The rest will be summarized in this news.

Iron Man VR

The successful collaboration with Marvel turned into another title, this time falling under the scalp of Iron Man. The sample that did not present the actual gameplay was not interested in the images. We just learned that the game would be designed for Sony VR headset and we would love to see it during this year.

Blood and Truth VR

If you still remember the respected RV event The London Heist, which is responsible for SIE London Studio, maybe another RV event called Blood and Truth will suit you. The preview looked promising, so for a fairly decent VR headset fool. Blood and truth arrive May 28, 2019.

Concrete Genius

A total surprise. An interesting action adventure with a distinctive art style touches the touchpad back in its DualShock. The main role of creative painting. Of course, the support of the PlayStation VR is missing. Playing for us later this year.


The sci-fi thrill watching trailer captivated by its cramped atmosphere. If you like similarly tuned RV games, you can buy tickets to the space station, along with Dr. Emma Fisher from May 21, 2019.

Five nights in Freddy's RV

With a dark atmosphere, it will remain titled Five Nights At Freddy's VR. You'll take the role of animatronic repairman at Freddy's pizzeria and, as the teaser suggests, we'll be especially grateful. The reincarnation of video game classics is coming to us this spring.

No Mans Sky Beyond

If you have not yet surrendered to No Mans Sky, you will surely be satisfied with this free extension, which in turn will also support the PlayStation VR.

Choosing the most interesting VR titles is over, let's take a look at the brightest part of the game state.

Mortal Kombat 11

We were expecting a new trailer that, in addition to new characters, would also show the time travel, which means that the older and younger versions of individual fighters will face each other. Just watch the trailer and understand.

Past days

And finally, the most interesting. Days Gone is coming out in exactly one month and then the massage advertising is improving. The expected exclusivity of the PlayStation is featured in the Story trailer. Days Gone is coming out April 26, 2016.

So, did you watch the State of Play pilot? If so, we appreciate your feedback in the comments below the article or on facebook.

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