So, back to the Spice Girls, Adele is so excited, but why not all of them?


It's official, but it has the hook! The legendary group of girls Spice Girls opens for their long-awaited tour.

It's a shame we can not wait and enjoy the original set.

With the solemn announcement, the girls came to a new instagram account. Funny videos in the style of the main television stations gave a good beginning to the beginning of the well-known song Spice up your world.

However, as always, there is always a hook and in this case it is the absence of Victorie Beckham (44). Although she is in regular contact with other group members and maintains friendly relationships over the years, the tour is not just her cup of coffee.

The answer to the question why Victoria will not be part of Spice's huge comeback is totally unequivocal. Beauty recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of the creation of its exclusive fashion brand and is now fully committed to fashion and lifestyle.

The active music is not being considered for her now, as she thinks she has a place in the fashion world in the form of a recognized and successful designer.

In addition, during one of her interviews with the British media, she recently announced that she should take care of her family along with the busy schedule and number of visits and presentations of her brand. With children and husbands, they spend all their free time.

Girls continue to work in the music industry – Emma Bunton (42), Geri Halliwell (46), Mel B (43) and Mel C (44). Their upcoming tours are a great pleasure and fans have a list of their most successful hits.

At Instagram, the Spice Girls also praised the photo of one of its prominent fans and even colleagues of the brand. Do you know who is in this photo?

He's British. The singer Adele, who grew up early in the music of this group of popular girls and is among her fanciful fans.

They stayed in touch, however, and managed to get back to what the music world had been waiting for years. The tours to be held will be in Britain, and the British singer Jess Glynne was invited as a vocalist.

Victoria, however, openly offered her colleagues lots of luck and their advice is to see them. As she says, she only remembers them in good times.


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