Scientists warn of extreme eruptions of the Sun, which can seriously threaten ordinary life on Earth

[ad_1] writes that violent solar storms have become accustomed to disrupting radio communications on Earth, as well as this time could be worse and researchers are even worried about eruptions that are thousands of times stronger. It has been proven to be a hundred to a thousand times stronger super-companies have global implications. The huge solar radiation explosion could paralyze large parts of terrestrial electronics, power grids and satellites. This is predicted by a team of scientists led by research director Yuta Nots of the University of Colorado.

Our Sun can create so-called super-highs, as seen with other stars. Supererups are hundreds to thousand times stronger than any eruptionwhich have been seen in the Sun so far. For a long time, these super-villains were seen as a typical feature of young active stars, but NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has also seen countless super stars in the starswhich resemble our sun.


The team analyzed 43 Sun-like stars, where the Kepler telescope recorded super-ups. This result was published in the Astrophysical Journal and show that young stars produce supereruption more times and even our 4.6 billion years ago the sun can cause such extreme eruption. Even common solar flares had an impact on satellites, electronics and power grids in the past. In 2012, the intense flow of particles interrupted the radio link on Earth. Under pressure the Earth's magnetic field is deformed, so that the radio waves can not propagate properly. Overhead lines and transformers can be destroyed and result in a generalized power outage. Such a failure of communications satellites and electrical networks could paralyze most of the economy and public life.


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