Scientists from NASA and ESA will be speaking in Slovakia, speaking about space technologies


All-day Event Elevator Conf. on the space industry. It is intended primarily for technologists and business people to gain insight into current and future space technologies. "You will learn about the great challenges ahead of a successful space company or how to get a job in the space industry" conference page.

There will be 15 international speakers who will be able to ask questions and even meet you during a personal interview. Among them are, for example, Christophe Lasseur, French bioengineer and head of the MELiSSA project at ESA (photo), Les Johnson, physicist, NASA scientist and science fiction writer, space architects Barbara Imhof and Tomas Rousek or cosmic engineers Daniel Sors Raurell and Jakub Brogyányi.

Behind the conference is a group of professionals with different focuses – from IT, hardware development, marketing to event management – but united by a passion that is the universe. "Our mission is to create a space industry in Slovakia, which is why we have decided to launch a movement in which the space industry can grow and thrive. State.


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