Saudi Arabia should have access to Amazon Bezosa's phone


Saudi Arabia should obtain private information from a mobile phone.

Jeff Bezos, an Amazon security adviser, announced on Saturday that Saudi Arabia had access to Bezosa's phone and obtained confidential information from him, according to Reuters.

Security advisor Gavin De Becker said he has closed an investigation into the leak of text messages between Bezos and his lover Lauren Sánchez in January.

Bezos hired De Becker to find out how the National Enquirer tabloid arrived weekly for her private news, she said on her BBC website.

Bezos' love affair came to the fore when the National Enquirer published an article about his relationship with Sánchez, a former married TV presenter on January 9. The article came out a few days after Bezos and his wife announced they were getting divorced.

Bezos blamed the weekly for an attempted extortion. The weekly threatened the publication of intimate photographs that Bezos allegedly sent to Sanchez if the Amazon boss did not make a public statement that his personal journal articles were not politically motivated.

He passed the results of the investigation to the US

De Becker announces American Media Inc. (AMI), which also publishes the National Enquirer, publicly asked De Becker to deny finding any evidence of interception or hacking attack.

"Our investigators and other experts inquired about the discovery that Saudi Arabia had access to the Bezos telephone and received private information," De Becker wrote. Currently, it is not known whether AMI had information on Saudi Arabia's activities and to what extent.

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said in February that his country had absolutely nothing to do with the National Enquirer's articles on Bezos's relationship.

AMI said it acted legally when it published articles on Bezos.

De Becker announced that he had passed the results of his investigation to the US federal authorities.

Jeff Bezos owns the American Washington Post. According to the BBC, De Becker claimed that the Saudi government was determined to hurt Bezos since October last year when the Washington Post began writing about the murder of journalist Jamal Hashukji.

Journalist Khashukji lived in voluntary exile in the United States and wrote for the Washington Post. He disappeared on October 2, 2018, after he entered the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul. The Saudi public prosecutor later admitted that he had been killed.


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