Saturday , April 17 2021

Sakova's reaction to interviewing organizers For a decent Slovakia

Interior Minister Denisa Sakova told the press conference in Banská Bystrica at the hearing of the members of the Slovakia Trust Initiative that she never interfered in the ongoing investigation and would require everyone to work under the law and in accordance with the law.

"The police can not be part of politics" The minister said that the police should investigate each and every one, whether anonymous and regardless of who delivered it and who will be treated.

Added by the President of the Police of SR Milan Lučanský, information on the preparatory procedures was learned only on Tuesday by the media. Based on this, he contacted the investigator, who informed him of certain facts concerning the anonymous criminal complaint addressed to him. directly to the director of NAKA Petar Hraška and delivered on 10 September. As mentioned by the SR Chairman of the SR, the Director of NAKA, after reading and evaluating the indictment, decided to appoint an anti-corruption unit.

According to Lucianski, this is the case suspected of corruption, or any economic or fiscal crime, how this unit is being investigated. Subsequently, the relevant investigator proceeded to the stages in which he attempted to supplement the information in the pre-preparation procedure so that he could decide within the legal time-frame whether the proceeding would continue. "The only person who can intervene in this is the supervisory promoter, but only after it has been decided that the prosecution will continue," Lučanský pointed out that neither he nor anyone else could interfere in the case. Just as on Tuesday afternoon, he stated that the police are required to examine each criminal complaint.

In connection with the Deemed Slovakia initiative, it was submitted to the five crimes, four of which were denied. The Vice-Slovakia Initiative for NAKA Interview and Suspicion of Reply Responds to Another Protest Friday, November 16 at 17:00 in Bratislava. She was briefed on this at Carolina Farska's briefing on Tuesday. As for the SITA agency, the coordinator of the platform, Not in our city, Martina Strmeňová, in Banská Bystrica, joined the protest on Saturday, November 17, at 5pm. "Symbolically, before 89 and today, even in the spring of 2018. The civic voice can not be silenced," Strmeňová said.

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An anonymous submission arrived at NAKA, the organizers of the Assembly hear about Corruption. The organizers consider these practices unacceptable, talk about bullying, on the other hand, pointed out that they had good experience with the police in eight months of protest and they know there are many decent people in it. Possible suspicions that these people were being watched by state security forces include an extraordinary parliamentary control committee for the Slovak Information Service (SIS), which is chaired by its chairman, opposition parliamentarian Gábor Grendel (OĽaNO).

The police investigator summoned people who could be misused or damaged in their way. He gave them a warning to see. He asked them to fill out the information, including a check in the statement of accounts, in order to assess the veracity of the criminal notice. Police responded to their facebook about information on the hearing of the organizers of the "For a Decent Slovakia" initiative.

Demonstration Organizers For the good days of Slovakia, the last days of the National Crime Agency are held. As Daily N reported on Tuesday, an anti-corruption unit investigator, Peter Jakubik, summoned them about "corruption and others." Juraj Šelig, Karolína Farská, Katarina Nagy Pazmány, Táňa Sedláková and Veronika Bruncková were interviewed. On Thursday, they must follow another. "The investigator told them that someone had filed an anonymous criminal complaint that they had organized a coup and that George Soros was paying them." the diary informs.

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