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Residents of Marianka are desperate: VIDEO The reconstruction of the street has been going on for 8 years, the mayor blames the builder

Residents of Marianka, municipal deputies and the mayor rightly point out the delay in the construction of Rua Bystrická, which also serves mainly cargo transportation.

According to our information, the reason for the delay in construction is the unfounded objections of the developer VMBB, sro, whose District Construction Authority did not confirm the decision of the construction authority in Marianka last year not to include VMBB as a participant in the process.

It is worth mentioning that, in the previous management of the municipality, VMMB did not appeal for the same construction license. Therefore, it is questionable whether this is not due to the fact that the land was sold to companies around the former mayor.

The current mayor of Marianka, Dušan Statelov, inherited building licenses, which were not in perfect condition, from previous lines, which the developer VMMB uses extensively. He also opposed, for example, the opinion of the hydraulic company (VHL).

The inhabitants of Marianka are desperate:

Source: Topky / Maroš Sýkora

In recent months, the mayor of Marianka has secured the transfer to the municipality’s property based on the sympathy of two owners. A geometric plan was also prepared, whereby the municipality established a material charge for the Western Slovak Distribution (ZSDIS). Without it, ZSDIS would not have implemented the project.

Although the money for the reconstruction is reserved and the supplier is competitive, the developer does not miss any opportunity to raise objections – they are published on the municipality’s website. For example, last fall he submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Environment (MoE) of the Slovak Republic, where he requested that an EIA (environmental impact of construction) be prepared for this trip, which is a very long process. The mayor took until March 2020 to reach the decision of the Ministry of the Environment that an EIA was not necessary for this construction.

This process alone caused a delay of about 9 months, which blocked the issuance of the construction decision. The street has not been rebuilt even after eight years. “It is sad that the municipalities do not have a legal instrument in hand to promote the construction of public buildings, similar to motorways,” he said. declared Statelov.

The inhabitants of Marianka are desperate:

Source: Topky / Maroš Sýkora

The mayor actively communicates with the District Construction Authority, which is currently deciding on the fate of VMMB’s objections. A law firm is also involved in resolving VMMB’s objections, which costs the municipality money. At Statelova’s request, the district office began dealing with Bystrická Street very quickly. The decision on the destination of the trip should be made in a short time.

Statelov himself answered our question if, in the case of the reconstruction of Rua Bystrická, the obstacle is the developer VMBB, who constantly objects, answered in a clear and distinct way: “Yes, it is so.”

VMBB responds

Stanislav Kušpál, managing director of VMBB, sro, defends Topky.sk, the company VMBB is not the builder of the “Revitalizácia Bystrická ulice” building, but the owner of the engineering networks implanted in the building, so it is part of the process. According to him, this fact was not respected by the Marianka construction secretary, who in October issued a decision to decide that VMBB, sro is not part of the process of altering the building before completion. The decision in question was annulled by the Bratislava District Office, which returned the case to the administrative body of first instance on 31 October for a new hearing and decision.

November 20 The Marianka Building Authority issued a warning to which VMBB was opposed. And on July 22, 2020, the Marianka Construction Authority issued a decision against which VMBB appealed. “In the appeal, we affirm that we consider the decision to be legally incorrect and illegal in its entirety and we propose its annulment and removal from the illegal situation. We express the opinion that the authority responsible for construction had caused an illegal situation in the context of the administrative procedure, which, incidentally, has been unreasonably prolonged, without justification and clarity. ” said Kuspal. So far, the decision of the Bratislava District Office, Department of Construction and Housing Policy on the matter, has not been handed over to us, ” added the VMBB manager.

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