Ramsay coach and Slovak hockey players comment on defeat with Sweden


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Slovakia's ice hockey players scored 0: 4 in the opening match before the World Championship on May 10-26 in Bratislava and Košice. In the 40th Jubilee battle with "three crowns" has already credited the 27th defeat, in addition to having ten wins and three draws.

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Slovakia's national team on the ice in Topoľčany dragged the shorter end. More proactive world champions took the lead after four minutes thanks to Daniel Zaar and in the second period they increased their lead thanks to Viktor Svedberg and Dennis Rasmussen.

The nations controlled the game in the closing session and helped Jhonas Enroth in the network. In addition, shortly before the end of the duel, he used Leon Bristedt's power game.

The Slovaks corrected their taste, at least in the additional tortures of the exhibition, in which topolčiansky hired Matej Paulovič in the seventh series.

Voices (source: TV Dajto):

Craig Ramsay (SR Trainer): "We did not get the start of the match, we did not have a puck on our poles, but after the initial ten-minute game we played well, we had a lot of chances that did not come back. and we had more attempts to block, and we got better without a record, but the Swedes played very well and skidded that the Poprad players would join the team.

Ladislav Nagy (captain and striker SR): "Today we have no legs, a lot of guys for almost two weeks did not play and it was visible.I did not feel like a god, we have to get in the rhythm of the match.We had some chances that we didnt.of the power game, we also had two , but we did not change them, we had four training sessions since the beginning of the training, we're just playing on our side and it was not the same today.

Adam Liška (SR forward): "What I expected was confirmed, the Swedish team came with players who are very fast, technical and very good, I'm sorry we did not score, we need to improve the offense, I also had a chance and I did not get it." myself, but I tried uploading. I will learn and try to solve it better in the future. "

Matej Paulovič (SR attacker, author of decisive independent attack): "We had a weaker entry for the match, we did not show anything in the first ten minutes, the Swedes filmed us, so we told the investor that we had to change it and it was a bit better. well and we were not able to react to it, and after a long time I played at home, I am glad I had the chance to play on the national team in Topoľčany. I tried what I have practiced and worked. "

David Grigger (SR forward): "It's a shame we had a lot of chances to score a goal but unfortunately we did not do it. 0: 4 is not good for us, but the game was not so bad.At a few moments we managed to push the Swedes, but we lost a bit of luck, although we lost, but the training just started and I think it was a very good test in the beginning, we will definitely discuss this game and we want to be better in the next duels. "

Radovan Puliš (Slovak forwards): "It was a difficult opponent, the Swedes skated very well, we did not score goals in the chances we did, which is a shame, because we would have played in a very different way, the Swedes played very well, they were strong in the puck. little bit of luck in the end, we felt very sorry, because there were many spectators, they always encouraged us.

Július Hudáček (SR goalkeeper): "In the first 7 to 8 minutes we had unnecessary fear of the Swedes, they were faster in everything, they gave us a quick goal, after the energy break, we started to play better and there were stages where we played very well. This was the main difference: I was struggling a lot after a month in a new team, but it was better every three. goalie is difficult to overcome when he sees everything, the game broke in 0: 2 when we had a chance, but we wasted there, we must have burned from the start, the game would be different.



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