Pregnant Ráková de Neighbors: The growing belly is no longer hiding!


The current star Viki Ráková in the series Neighbors, who fart some time after years returned to the television screens. The public again enjoys great popularity. However, the sitcom creators were in front of the end when Ildikó announced that she was expecting a baby.

Viki Ráková and his partner Róbert are raising their son Bendegúza.

Pregnant Ráková de Neighbors:

Source: Instagram V.R.

Peter Marcin and Andy Kraus are likely to give Ildikó and László another child in old age and incorporate their actress's pregnancy into action. Apparently, we can wait anxiously for a pregnant Ildi, whose belly will be real.

Even in reality, the actress does not hide her growing belly. Over the weekend, she was on a trip with her son and partner from Lake Öreg and fired at her profile on the instagram. In her pictures, her belly with Brother Bendeguz is already clearly in her dress. My double future will land extraordinarily.

Soon, Viki Ráková will become a double mother.

Pregnant Ráková de Neighbors:

Source: Instagram V.R.

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