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Polnišová with the theater: She does not have any problem!

"My kids are compulsory at school, so it's the third, the fourth time with me. I also organized this robot with this style and many of my activities were kept to a minimum. As far as the theater is concerned, I only play in L + S in the performance Tri Grace of Formica, the other things I had to cut and reject other offers.I did it despite the fact that I love theater and it is an absolute source of energy for me, but I received complaints from children that "it is not that you'll stay away! " she explained in the interview. "Usually I got rid of, so somehow I accepted, and I told myself that I could get up in the theater when they were older, and if they wanted me not to be home tonight." Bratislavčanka, 43 years, laughed.

However, he does not regret the break of theater in his own words. "I'm not really sorry, even though I came from the theater. I'm sure I'll continue on this later, I love theatrical work … And I'm still surrounded by terribly nice people and doing it in other things. creativity, I still need to invent and develop something, I just learned from children that this can not be done right away " Polnišová commented that in addition to future theatrical projects in neighboring Czech Republic, she has been preparing a 35mm ex-husband for comedy for some time.

"We already have the script, now we are arguing with the director as we do and looking for funds. It is a long distance race, but I am very happy and happy to be able to put together a team of people who have a sense of humor and are willing to dedicate their time to things that do not bring financing at the moment.We only do it for pleasure and because we want to do it, even with the fact of bringing some financial appreciation, we do not. so that I can do many other activities just for joy and freedom and not solve it.This will definitely be one of them and I am really looking forward to it, although it is a difficult job, it was very difficult to write the script. the famous actress said.

"I'm not an experienced screenwriter, I have not written 62 films, and the film has a few rules, so we're trying to learn everywhere … I'm looking forward to seeing people trying to find ways to make it happen. "Not everyone can say yes and we'll look for ways and not give up when that road is passing, added Polnišová.

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