Police detained all those charged with fuel business


In the context of the NAKA Financial Police, "Bomb 2", all eight defendants were detained in cooperation with other police forces. It is reported by the Slovak police in the social network.

On April 10, police detained three of the eight defendants in the case of tax crimes with damages of almost two million euros, which should have occurred between July 2015 and May 2016 in 24 cases. The remaining charges were in progress.

According to police, the crime was related to the fuel trade. "The organized group imported gas and diesel from Austria. Several companies were established or contracted for trading. They were involved in an artificially created and highly sophisticated billing chain, "explained police, who also secured laptops, computer kits, documents and account materials during the event.

"The accused are at risk of being held for seven to 12 years," police said.

Assassination of Ján Kuciak

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