Thursday , October 21 2021

PC Review | Waze inherits one of the best features of Google Maps


In recent years, Google has added many features to its mapping service that make Waze a popular navigation application. Now, however, Waze has announced a new feature that can further enhance your browsing experience. This is a Google Assistant. Waze is so popular because your traffic information from other drivers can be a great way to drive.

With the help of the Google Assistant, Waze lets you do a lot more without touching the screen. You can search for voice locations along your route and add stops along the way, explains Google in the blog post.

You can also listen to music or listen to messages from friends and make a call. Even more interesting, the Google Assistant also works with the ability to collect information from other drivers. Then you will be familiar with what is happening on the road without distracting or steering the wheel unnecessarily.

The fact that Google Assistant found the way to Waza is a confirmation that Google does not want to terminate this service any time soon. Waza Assistant is available in the US for Android phones. It is likely to gradually expand to other markets and other language versions, and support for iPhones is on the way.


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