PC Review | Video: The Robot Rebellion? Actually, it's a bit different


You've probably seen some videos of the robotics company, Boston Dynamics, that are doing awesome things. If not, you can do so at the following links: Atlas balances on one leg, The Atlas passes through the rugged terrain. Segway and Atlas crossbreed. Atlas can handle delays Atlas learned the basics of show jumping, The two-wheel robot stores the box on a pallet. The four-legged robot learned to dance.

Production studio Digital Corridor Los Angeles now came up with the idea of ​​creating a parody for these videos. It looks like one of the Boston Dynamics Atlas robots is testing the test – hitting it with a baton, a baton, pushing it with a ball, even shooting it. But then there is a reversal – the robot will challenge its torturers. He kicks them where it hurts the most.

The video looks pretty realistic so a lot of people are confused. Corridor had to make it clear that no video was actually hurt by anyone, and no machine was damaged.

In another accompanying video, it offers a backstage view that shows how they managed to make a video. The Xsens suit, capturing them with a staff member, helped them. With motion capture technology, the robot model moved exactly as the actor's body moved.

source: popularmechanics.com.


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