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PC Review | How to pair the new band HONOR 5 with your smartphone?

Stylish fitness bracelet that will appreciate all tech gadget lovers. You can view your SMS messages, use it as a watch or check your fitness. Just plug it into your phone and get a perfect overview of everything, plus the data available in both places. How to do this?

Download apps to get started
Download to your mobile phone first Huawei Wear app and Huawei Healththat you will use to link to the bracelet. You will need the Wear app for complete and comfortable use of the wristband and other wearable devices and their configuration. You can define, for example. sleep monitoring and heart rate. You can use the Health app to get a complete overview of all your activities, such as your heart rate, action taken, or training results.

HONOR Band 5 works like smart braceletSo can work with notifications. You will surely appreciate your connection to your phone. It can notify you of an incoming call, SMS or email. It also makes a pleasant awakening with vibrations. If you have it at night, you'll be able to see the quality and duration of your sleep in the morning thanks to TruSleep technology.TM. The app may also offer tips to improve your sleep.

Pair with Bluetooth
HONOR Band 5 supports smartphone connectivity with Android and iOS. The whole process is easy via Bluetooth. Once connected, you set up everything you need using Wear.

Clean and comfortable design
The body of the bracelet is minimalist and hardly weighs anything, so you won't even know it's in your hand. The battery can last up to 14 days in standby mode on a single charge, a great bonus. Buy HONOR Band 5 at a price $ 39 in classic black. distinctly pink or V Navy blue.

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