Orange has a new internet 4G at home: it costs only 10 euros


The new program extends the existing 4G Internet portfolio.

Home 4G internet Orange is delivered through the 4G network and is designed especially for those who live in locations without access to optical connections or other reliable Internet connections.

The operator has expanded this service portfolio the new Home Basic 4G program. It offers data download speeds of up to 15 Mbit / s and data rates up to 1 Mbit / s. The service contains 60 GB prepaid data maximum speed, the connection will decrease to 128 kbit / s.

Home Basic 4G is now available 10 euros per month For a 24 month commitment and when ordering through the Orange e-shop, you can get a free 1 month service.

You can get additional data at full speed

Orange also announced that it will increase its monthly data volume to 150 GB with the two-year commitment of Home Optimal 4G. Also Available additional service Higher volume of data transferredThis will allow you to increase your monthly data volume to 300 GB.

For an increase of 240 GB in the Home Basic 4G, Orange charges 10 euros. Increase by 150 resp. 240 GB for the Optimal 4G variant is charged at 5 euros.

Connecting to the Internet will work for you even after the prepaid data is exhausted. You can surf more at no additional cost, the connection speed will decrease to 128 kbit / s.

Orange's Current 4G Internet Offer:

4G internet service program at home Home Basic
Optimal Home
Home Premium
Maximum download / upload speed theoretically achievable 15/1
Mbit / s
Mbit / s
Mbit / s
Basic subscription data at full speed 60 GB 60 GB /
150 * GB
300 GB
Monthly fee 10 € * 15 € * € 20 *

* applies to a 24-month commitment

Source: Orange

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