OLAB wants to level pension benefits for STB members


Former members of the Communist State Security (STB) should be subject to fixed pensions by 50%.

The amendment to the anti-communist law of resistance is proposed by the parliamentarians of the OĽaNO opposition movement. They say that 29 years after the Revolution of Problems, injustice has to be ended.

"Those who have been oppressors for years and persecuted people have tortured and denied basic human rights, especially freedom of speech, enjoying high pensions, and those with the hands of these people have low old age pensions," Obyčajni explained. Since the purpose of its proposal is not to obtain additional funds in the State budget but in particular to eradicate amoral and unfair social status, the amendment also grants a single financial contribution to political prisoners, their spouses, spouses, widows and widowers in the amount of 1000 euros.

OBOLNO argues that by adopting this bill, the Slovak Republic will join other countries that have dealt with its antidemocratic past and would reach members of the secret services for their pensions or surcharges for services in these secret security services. "For example, in Germany there was a reduction in the pensions of the former members of the STASI secret service, in Hungary there was a complete abolition of the retirements of the members of these forces, and after a recent legislative change in Poland there was a significant reduction in ex pensions – State security agents, "the applicants argue.

The Ordinaries are not even worried that their proposal is contrary to human rights and fundamental freedoms. They refer to the European Court of Human Rights, which abolished Polish legislation on the reduction of pensions. The court held that "a service of secret police plaintiffs who drastically suppressed the basic human rights protected by the European Convention may be a sufficient circumstance for the loss of additional benefits."

MEPs also tabled such a proposal last year but failed. The generalized taxation of these pensions was not supported by the majority of Smeru-SD, SNS or Most-Hide deputies.


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