Notre-Dame is also a unique design that has burned down and disappeared irrevocably – Diário N


What did you think of when you saw the fire in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame?

It was a shock. With such iconic sights, one does not expect something like that to happen.

Is it possible, at a fire rate like this, to fully protect the site?

Probably not complete. The problem is especially with the availability, the cathedral ceiling is high. Monuments are often in historic centers with limited traffic to fire trucks. They need to connect to the hydrants. But in order to prevent firefighters from testing the site in advance, they must have ways to extinguish.

Do these great world monuments have their own fire protection system?

There should be automatic fire detectors installed, which are triggered when a higher temperature or smoke is detected – that is, a fire station warning should go very quickly. There is also a second option. I do not know if ľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľľ in France, but the Nordic countries are on the roof

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