New facts about Emilian Salu's missing aircraft: The pilot was in debt and had no license. He worked as a plumber.


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The week has passed since a small single-engine aircraft disappeared over the canal. Also on board was the Cardiff City Emiliano Sala's new acquisition with driver David Ibbotson. The official search for a pair of men lasted for three days, then the British authorities closed it. In the light of the world, new and new information on Monday's flight is coming.

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Football agent Willie Mckay, whose son Mark transferred Emilian Salu's transfer from FC Nantes to the Premier League Welsh Premier League team, provided the Argentine striker for free. He admits, however, that he had no influence on the choice of aircraft or pilot.

Willie McKay has been arguing for years with seasoned rider David Henderson. "All flights were collected and we contacted Mr. David Henderson, who with us and many of our players flew on several occasions throughout Europe" said Jack McKay, "We have no role in choosing an aircraft or pilot. I would like to note that the aircraft we traveled to Emiliano was not ours."

The public is still not aware of what has decided that Emiliano Sala finally flew with nearly 60 year old driver David Ibbotson and with 35-year-old Piper PA-46-310P Malibu.

The second son of Willie Mckay Jack, by the way, from January 2018, Cardiff City, published his communication of the BBC on the flight with the missing Emilian Salom. He offered his father his plane to take him to Nantes so he could pick up his things and say goodbye to his teammates.

Transcript of the communication between Jack McKay and Emilian Salom:

Friday 19:43 – Jack McKay (JM): "My father told me that you were going home tomorrow, he could equip you with an airplane that would fly directly to Nantes, and on Monday you would return to Cardiff at the time that suits you, so you have a training session. "
Friday 19:51 – Emiliano Sala (ES): "That would be great. I'm just watching tomorrow fly to Nantes."
7:56 PM – JM: "He said he could direct him to Nantes."
19:56 – "How much will it cost?"
7:56 PM – JM: "Nothing. He said if you help me score, it will be free."
19:59 – "Hahaha, with joy."
8:00 PM – "We're going to have a lot of goals together."
8:00 PM – "Tomorrow, I want to go to Nantes around 11:00 a.m. and return to Cardiff on Monday evening, around 9:00 p.m. if possible."
20:05 – JM: "Good, I'll report it when it's outfitted."
Sunday 17:00 – JM: "Hi. Could you come back on Monday night around the seventh? Just because the driver is still due north of Cardiff."
17:01 – "Hi. Half of the eighth would be possible."
17:03 – JM: "Yes, that's fine."
17:05 – He sent a picture of his luggage. "May I ask if I can pick you up on a plane?"
17:06 – JM: "Yes."
17:07 – "Is it good for the plane?"
17:07 – JM: "Yes. There's a place for your luggage on the plane."
17:12 – "OK."
Monday 16:16 – JM: "I will call him."
16:23 – JM: "He said it was the same society."
16:27 – "OK thank you. "

David Ibbotson on the plane

David Ibbotson on the plane

Source: The Sun

Pilot plumber

The Sun report said he was 59 David Ibbotson, who piloted the aircraft, had no commercial license (he had only one private pilot license), he could not fly for a financial reward. And he had debts of 18,000 pounds. Police are investigating whether the flight was legal. In addition, he worked as an electrician. He also gained his passion for aircraft playing at nightclubs.

As the plane disappeared from the radar on Monday night, David Ibbotson shared with his friends on facebook that he was a bit "rusty." What exactly the team meant, we probably will not know.

"Dave was a great driver with thousands of hours fired, and if he said it was rude, it seemed like a joke." said one of his friends to The Sun, "He always did it for fun.For twenty years, I never realized that someone would pay for flying, and he would never have boarded a plane he could not bear."

Another friend, however, perceived him differently: "I always thought he was a better plumber than a rider, I never considered him a real rider, he was the man who exported the paratroopers up."

David Ibbotson was one of three facebook companies that offered work for several pilots. "We offer money, hotel rooms and pilot tickets in exchange for flying on new passenger aircraft or carrying passengers," the source told The Sun.



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