Tuesday , May 11 2021

NASA published an innovative discovery. They found water on the sunny side of the moon

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The discovery questions everything we know about water today.

The SOFIA Observatory of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration found water on the moon. The sign of life was found on the side illuminated by the sun and this is the first time in history that NASA can present the presence of water. confirm.

There is also more water in the Sahara than on the moon

H2O molecules have been found in the crater Clavius, the largest crater on the moon, which can also be seen from Earth. This discovery suggests that water is also found in the illuminated parts of the Moon, not just in the dark and cold depressions on the other side.

Scientists are excited about this, and NASA says in a press release that they have reason to reconsider their attitude towards sunlit surfaces and raises some interesting questions about space exploration.

In comparison, the Sahara desert has a hundred times more water than the SOFIA Observatory was able to detect on the lunar surface. Despite the quantity, however, this is not a negligible discovery, as it questions everything we know about water.. Scientists will now be interested in how water is created and how it can “survive” under adverse conditions in a cosmic vacuum.

NASA would like to know more about water on the Moon by 2024, when the first woman and another man will fly on a mission. At the end of this decade, they would like to create a sustainable environment for humans on the Moon.

Finding water can be an important part of building a permanent human base on the moon.

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