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NASA has unveiled the future of the Moon mission. Astronauts will be there for weeks

NASA is planning missions to investigate the characteristics of the moon. Although many questions may arise, the agency wants to send human crews back to this earth's natural satellite next year, and two scientists have already revealed more details of the mission. According to scientists, NASA astronauts will explore frozen water on the moon in 2020 and make further observations during a 6.5-day stay, futurism.

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NASA has other brave missions up its sleeve and wants to do one of them next year. During this time, he will send a 2-member crew to the moon's surface to spend more time there than the Apollo mission. The crew's task will be to perform various observations and also to obtain ice samples from the lunar surface. Previously, NASA would send a special spacecraft to the moon's surface for a pair of astronauts to use during the mission. They will be able to control it remotely.

NASA's bold plans

Two NASA scientists, John Connolly and Niki Werkheiser, during an interview with the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG) confirmed that astronauts could conduct the Artemis mission in the dark moon, at its south pole, approximately 15 km from the site. Landing Thanks to a sufficient variety, they will be taken to their destination by NASA's monthly spacecraft.

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Scientists believe there is an extremely old ice here that could provide valuable information. Here, however, the agency does not stop and, after this mission, plans to launch another, but the crew will remain on the moon for 2 weeks. NASA wants to launch this mission in 2025 and a year later will send astronauts a spacecraft to allow a longer range of the landing site.

By the end of the next decade, NASA scientists also want to allow a four-member crew to fly to the moon and spend a few weeks on the surface to perform important experiments, but they can also set the stage for ice mining and oxygen production. . The key is to stay on the moon longer, and it can also create the conditions necessary to travel to deeper space, like Mars, inform Ars Technica.

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