motorola one vision: elegant, safe, protected


Last month, Motorola launched the new vision of the Motorola One: a branded phone that is known and trusted for its rugged hardware and breakthrough innovations over its 90-year history. This latest device is the perfect combination of sleek design and innovative mobile technology, all with guaranteed warranty of Android One.

But what exactly does an Android One phone mean? In simplicity, this means you can have your cake that can be eaten! You get access to everything you need whenever you need it: including two major Android OS upgrades, three-year security updates, Google Integrated Assistant, Google Play Protection features, and no third-party applications pre-installed. That means you can stay calm and aware that you are always working on the most secure version of Android.

At a time when personal information is extremely valuable and constantly face attacks, collaboration with Google on Motorola One Vision software outperforms software requirements, brings monthly security updates for three years, and protects you from software vulnerabilities, all with easy navigation on a simple interface Android ™ Cake 9

In addition, Android One also means that users get access to new features every time they update – no matter how many devices they have, a view of the motorola will always have the latest and greatest features.

In addition, the Motorola One Vision also allows users to use useful Android innovations, such as Google Assistant, and features for responsible access to smartphones, such as Digital Wellbeing, that helps focus on what matters most and, if necessary , provide ways to disconnect to avoid daily distractions.

Price and availability

motorola a vision is available in Slovakia from May 16, 2019 at authorized retailers for an initial promotional price of € 299 with VAT.



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