Model 3, thanks to the aggressive maneuver, prevented a serious accident without the aid of autopilot


More recently, there have been increasing reports of situations where Tesla electric cars have managed to avoid more serious accident consequences. He rescued the driver on the Model 3 highway before the next accident.who, after the rear collision, avoided the car in front of him, preventing another accident.

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the set the situation occurred at the highway exit, when the driver of the Tesla Model 3 slowed while the Jeep Cherokee fell behind. Normally, he would take a car in front of him in such an accident, but In this case, the safety elements of Tesla, inform Electrek. Although Autopilot was not activated at that time, active safety systems have prevented more serious consequences through. The video captured by Tesla's on-board camera was shared by the driver on the discussion board Reddit.

Recently, however, other similar images have appeared the company's electric car managed to avoid almost a collision when a large pick-up entered the driver's lane in no time. Tesla systems reacted again and Model 3 saved the crew from the accident. Video posted by driver on twitter. These cases are sufficient proof that, even without an active autopilot, the Tesla can prevent accidents.

Source: Electrek, Reddit, chirp


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