Mitsubishi introduces the e-Yi concept for the first time


Mitsubishi e-Yi Concept

Mitsubishi Motors is launching its next-generation SUV.

Introduced at the Asian premiere at the 18th Shanghai Motor Show, MMC's 4WD electrification and propulsion technology, Mitsubishi Motors' two strong key elements along with advanced management support systems (ADAS).

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Plug-in (PHEV) The Mitsubishi e-Yi Concept is powered by the Twin Motor of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, originally developed for the Outlander PHEV and enhanced in this model. Under the floor in the middle of the vehicle is a large capacity battery drive system. Both front and rear are highly efficient and efficient electric motors. Thanks to the excellent space available, a generous interior has been created for three rows of benches.

Key features of the Mitsubishi e-Yi CONCEPT include a long range typical plug-in hybrids fueled by electricity and gasoline, as well as outstanding performance and durability. This gives the driver the necessary confidence under any weather conditions and on any surface. The three-seat body allows a wide range of applications, from transporting more people to large loads.

A 2.4-liter gasoline engine was designed for the Mitsubishi e-Yi CONCEPT (PHEV) hybrid drive. In serial hybrid mode, the internal combustion engine functions as a high power power generator, achieving a high degree of recovery. Large displacement and optimal thermodynamic efficiency contribute to quieter operation and lower fuel consumption. In addition to enhancing the efficiency of the hybrid plug-in itself, the conceptual model uses technologies to reduce fuel consumption, such as actively closing the covers to cool aerodynamic drag reduction.

The Twin Engine 4WD provides agile torque distribution between the two axles and also features a typical electric drive with maximum torque available from zero speed. The S-AWC system improves dynamic driving ability and offers excellent maneuverability with pleasant feedback. At the same time, it improves stability by suppressing the slip of the wheels on unprepared and snow-covered roads, or on other slippery surfaces, in an effort to always bring maximum driving power to the road surface.

The new concept uses active vertical axis yaw control (AYC) technology to optimize the torque distribution between the front wheels. These components are used in conjunction with the MMC's S-AWC integral drive system. It brings a fundamental improvement to the dynamic capabilities of the vehicle, such as acceleration, curves, braking by complex brake control on individual wheels (ABS system) and electric motor performance on the front and rear axles (active stability control, ASC system).

The concept has a purely electric power range of more than 70 km (according to the WLTP methodology) and with a fully charged battery and a full fuel tank, offers a total range of over 700 km (WLTP). This allows the crew to enjoy a quiet ride, typical of electric cars, on long journeys.

Interestingly, the letter "e" in the title means Electric, as well as Explore, Experience and Engage. The designation "Yi" in the name denotes the pronunciation of the Chinese character "毅", which means solid, robust or durable, as well as the pronunciation of the character "奕" with the meaning of beautiful.

The front is the result of the latest design of the "Dynamic Shield" – the design concept of the front of Mitsubishi. Creates an impressive view with curves passing from the sides of the vehicle. An angled radiator grille projects in the middle. PHEV's unique feature is highlighted by the soft blue backlight of the chrome parts of the "Dynamic Shield" when the vehicle is parked at the time of charging or providing electricity to the residence.

Especially the plump fenders protrude from the side. The distinctive appearance of the rear of the vehicle is given by the hexagonal shape of the edge curves. The taillights extend over the full width of the vehicle. There is also a remote-controlled electric roof box with fog lights mounted or guards under the front and rear bumper.

The panel is based on the internal design of the MMC "on the horizontal axis". It offers excellent visibility. The elegant finish and fine leather upholstery have created an elegant interior.

The 12.3 "LCD monitor with speed, engine speed and hybrid power flows, as well as vehicle / route information as well as online navigation data, is part of the driver's panel. middle of the panel. All crew can track information from the entertainment system of the board.


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