Meghan shortly before birth: Another unexpected change


The Duchess and the Duke of Sussex recently published an official report on the birth of the royal family. The couple decided to bring the first child in private without the attention of the media and the public. The joyful news that the baby is in the world will probably be released a few days after his birth.

Meghan ignored the protocol a little since she started her royal family. According to MailOnline, the same approach also applies to the selection of a nurse. Although according to the actual tradition, you should choose a Norway help, it has a different plan.

He supposedly wants a US nurse as he is proud of his roots. She should have resorted to a specialized recruiting agency that was then told to find a suitable candidate in the next three months.


DailyMirror writes that the Duchess has a clear idea of ​​how she will create her first child. "Meghan was right to inform recruiters that he preferred the American and wanted him to be part of the family and not a uniformed official," the British portal said.

The duchess does not resist the possibility of hiring a male guardian. Earning up to £ 70,000 per year depending on your experience. He would live in a renovated Frogmore Cotagge, where the couple moved.



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