Maroš Kramár and his Nataša were after 25 years: the divorce lasted only 20 minutes!


Ended! Maroš Kramár and Nataša Nikitinová are no longer married. The court divorced the couple after 20 years. Already for some time, the expartners were going through a crisis and was whispered that a divorce petition was filed. At that time, however, the crisis was somehow extinct and seemed only a short-term storm. Problems, however, seem to have persisted, and their marriage has fallen into disrepair. The divorce was confirmed by Kramár to Nový Čas Víkend.

Maroš Kramár and Nataša Nikitinová have already divorced.

Maroš Kramár and his

"My wife and I agreed after a long long blanket and we got freedom for sixty-two." the actor who will celebrate his birthday next week.

Although they have been married for twenty years, they have been dating for five years and have therefore divided rooms of a century. Who would expect fights and fights would be disappointed. "We are the whole family absolutely legal and we agreed to help each other" Kramar told Margo about the divorce.

The divorce process was literally voiced and the ex-spouses stayed in court for less than half an hour. "I think it was very clever, as we agreed, the whole court was over in twenty minutes." said Maroš, who is grateful to Natasha for twenty years. Also by taking over the children's education, as Maroš was busy enough.

Maroš Kramár received a gift of 60 years – freedom.

Maroš Kramár and his

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