Lada Vesta can not handle a gangster turn, but she's not the only one


06.06.19 10:23


lupil, what are you talking about, I do not write how much was sold in the EU, I'm writing about the suspension of the cars LADA! The comrades are no longer there, but the capitalists say, Mercedes came to her companions to make cars !!! Yes, I own LADY Grants and I'm proud of that. I watched videos of capitalist Russia and many modern ladies owners in Russia have problems with cars, but they are arguing with each other and eliminating these errors in production !!! The majority shareholder of AvtoVAZ is Alliance Rostec Auto with 83.5%, with Renault holding 61.1% of the shares. And I WOULD LIKE, if we had our own Slovak cars, which are invented by our builders and that we ourselves would own the shares – Slovaks and not the VW Group !!! In the Transport Museum, five years ago, the car exhibitions of Czechoslovakia were ┼ákoda. Today they are together with VW exhibiting just Volkswagen, we did nothing !!!



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