Kofola introduced a limited Mandarin. At the end of the year, again, we do not know the piglet marketing


In the pre-Christmas period, Kofola is the limited edition of its iconic flavor with Mandarin flavor. Also this time in the special product advertising winter decided to stay in the daughter of the famous couple with their daughter, who runs in the woods before the "golden pigs." At the end of the ad, the current tag is attached.

Spot is on TV on November 12th. Traditional snowmobile advertising is complemented by a final tag-on that introduces the limited-edition Kofola Mandarinka in a two-liter format.

"We are taking over the previous Christmas Limited Edition," said Kofola senior brand manager Lucia Tarbajovska.

"Every Czech knows every Mandarin as a traditional prenatal fruit. And in the taste test, 7 out of 10 people said it was very good, which is a great result," he adds.

This year's Kofola Christmas of Czechoslovakia also gives life to the decorations and decorations that remain all the time in the cabinet so that they can return to Christmas before Christmas.

"It may not have occurred to you that even the ornaments have a soul and they can fall in love. And that's exactly what happens when between our star star Slamenú, Perníček, Sviečku and Mr. Zvonček, our Mandarinka falls" , explains L. Tarbajovská.

Source: Kofola

The limited edition of Kofola Mandarinka in a special Christmas package is already on sale. In addition, the classic two-liter Kofola Original is also dressed in the Christmas coat.

Campaign card

  • Creative Agency: Proboston Creative s.r.
  • Creative Director: Jakub Matoušů
  • Copywriter: Jáchym Jakeš
  • Account Manager: Daniela Matoušů


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