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Karel Gott's youngest daughters († 80) do not say goodbye to their father: That's why!

Preparations for Karel Gott's grand funeral are ending. The organizers who cover it are attended by up to 300,000 people who come to their beloved Golden Nightingale to say goodbye. The gates of Žofín, where the public's farewell will take place, will open at eight o'clock in the morning, and visitors will have time until ten o'clock when they close without ceasing.

PHOTO Last farewell to conductor Gott († 80)

“Through the bridge, people come to the island where they cross the park. They then enter the building and climb the stairs to a large hall where the remains of the coffin will be displayed. In it will be garlands of Gottovych children, farewells in Zofin or St Vitus Cathedral will not participate. ” one of the organizers told the Czech daily Právo.

The farewell to the public will take place tomorrow in Žofín.

The mourning audience brings Prague

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The conversation is about the daughters of the youngest conductor, Charlotte Elle (13) and Nelly Sofia (11). Behind them is the mother and widow of singer Ivana Gottová (43), who does not want the girls to be subjected to even greater sadness and pressure than her father's departure from the day of her death undoubtedly follows. The girls will attend the funeral itself, which will take place on Saturday after the requiem mass and will be for family and loved ones only.

Karel Gott's family shines

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On the other hand, Gott's eldest daughter, Dominik (46), confirmed her attendance at the funeral and, due to financial problems, she allegedly helped in buying Ivan's air tickets and accommodations. Daughter Lucia (32) has not commented on her participation, but should attend the farewell and funeral with her husband.

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