Kamps's Slavic Joeri took a serious step. Will there be a coach Pavel Hapal?


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New reinforcement in midfield for coach representative Pavel Hapal? Soon the Dutch half of the Slovan Bratislava Joeri of Kamps could become one. The general director of the club, Ivan Kmotrík junior, revealed in the magazine "blaze".

Karim Guédé, David Depetris and Boris Sekulič could soon have another follower. After the Slovakian football team, another player from outside the border is chasing Joeri de Kamps. The Dutch defender headed for the Tatras in January 2016, when he waved Slovan Bratislava's offer.

In the beige sweater, he gradually developed to support the team and nowadays it is difficult to imagine the eleven base of the champion of Slovakia without his name, although in the last games of the season he has been injured in the games.

However, the famous Ajax Amsetrdam has even more ambitions for Slovakia. He is working to get a Slovak passport. If the possibility arises, one day he might even wear a shirt with a Slovak coat of arms.

"I remember when I called Joe for the first time and he did not even know where Slovakia was. He was worried, he did not know if he was safe. The talks were very complicated, initially Joeri accepted playing with us and then moving to a bigger club. " says club general manager Ivan Kmotrík junior in Slovan magazine.

Director-General and Vice-President of ŠK Slovan Bratislava Ivan Kmotrík ml.

Director-General and Vice-President of ŠK Slovan Bratislava Ivan Kmotrík ml.

Source: TASR

"After three years he signed a new contract, and when I saw how much he was looking forward to staying in Slav, I realized that we were really moving somewhere. Three years ago, Joeri came after a long persuasion and had another way out in his head, today he says he wants to adapt and get a Slovak passport to play for the national team.These are incredible things " revealed Kmotrík junior.

And that from Kamps is really serious, also confirmed his youngest team-mate Slav, Dominik Greif, who told ŠPORT.sk that the 27-year-old Dutch is already working hard to learn from foreigners who demand the Slovak.

The Slovak Falcons currently have a similar position to players like Juraj Kucka, Stanislav Lobotka, Ján Greguš and Patrik Hrošovský, who are regular participants of the national team. Competition in the midfield defensive position would therefore be even more pronounced. Of course, the final word is still in coach Pavel Hapal.



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